• Black Eagle by Derek Keats via Wikimedia Commons


For twitchers, Victoria West has some wonderful surprises!

The Victoria West Dam is considered a birding hotspot, with the dam wall being perhaps one of the best sites for twitchers and birders. You’ll find the wall at the end of Church Street, just where the road begins to climb up the valley towards Loxton. 

Species you might see at the dam: 

  • Black eagle
  • Black-throated canary 
  • Southern grey-headed sparrow 
  • Wattled starling
  • Red-billed quelea
  • The southernmost colony of South African cliff swallow 
  • Greater flamingo
  • Black-necked grebe
  • Great crested grebe
  • Maccoa duck
  • Common moorhen 

Other species in the general area:

  • Secretarybird
  • Jackal buzzard 
  • Ludwig’s bustard
  • Karoo korhaan
  • Namaqua sandgrouse.
  • Grey-backed sparrow-lark 
  • Chat flycatcher
  • White-throated canary
  • Desert cisticola
  • Rufous-eared warbler