• Karoo landcscape. Photo by Juanita Swart on Unsplash juanita-swart-648F--GCQi8-unsplash

Victoria West: Trails & nature reserves

Explore the endless horizons of Victoria West's region of the Karoo - on foot, by bike, or by car

Karoo vegetation. Photo by Juanita Swart on Unsplash juanita-swart-6b9Oe86C9xs-unsplash

Victoria West Nature Reserve

The Victoria West Nature Reserve includes the Victoria West Dam (a great spot for sunset picnics: the sunsets here are breathtaking on a cloudy day!). 

The Reserve is home to a number of endemic species of antelope, and also to the riverine rabbit (see Victoria West Museum, above). 

The Reserve is situated alongside the R63, just outside of town.

Victoria West

Walking Trails

Two walking trails in the Victoria West Nature Reserve, south of the village, offer sweeping views across the town and the Victoria West Dam: the Moonlight Hill Trail (4km) and the Ribbok Plateau Trail (5 km). 

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