Victoria West map


Victoria West is located on the intersection between the N12 national route, and the R63 provincial route -- roughly halfway between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

  • N12 - southwards: Three Sisters - 59km from Victoria West; Beaufort West, 134 km
  • N12 - northwards: Britstown, 107 km
  • R63 - westwards: Loxton, 83 km
  • R63 - eastwards: Murraysburg, 93 km 


  • Victoria West to Cape Town on the N12 and N1: 612 km
  • Victoria West to George on the N12 and N1: 376 km
  • Victoria West to Kimberly on the N12: 361 km
  • Victoria West to Johannesburg via Kimberley: 826 km
  • Victoria West to Bloemfontein on the R63 and N1: 460 km
  • Victoria West to Johannesburg via Bloemfontein: 853 km
  • Victoria West to Upington on the N12 and N10: 491 km
  • Victoria West to Carnarvon on the R63: 146 km
  • Victoria West to Sutherland via Fraserburg on the R356: 285 km
Victoria West

Victoria West: Ubuntu Municipality

Like the towns of Loxton and Richmond, the town of Victoria West is governed by the Ubuntu Local Municipality. 

Victoria West was named after Britain's Queen Victoria.